Bitcoin Generator

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Here is the new Bitcoin generator, it can generate you any amount of bitcoins you want. Follow the video to generate the wanted amount of bitcoins. Sometimes…


momen eshaq says:

I was going to invest in bitcoins when i saw this video xD i finally invested in bitcoins but without paying ^^

Gameplays En Hd says:

Great generator, first one that actually succeded in generating my bitcoins

Frederic Mekenzi says:

ty for this lman, i stopped mining 2 weeks ago cuz my gfx was fucked up

Ashley Love says:

can’t believe this worked, finally i can buy some weeed from the black market :P

Kurwa Guwno says:

WOw it really generated the bitcoins!! ty man

Luke Darwel says:

Just generated 26 bitcoins xD sold it on MTgox and send it to my bank account :P

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